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BrahmaSuthra Bhashya of Acharya Madhwa (Moola Only) in Kannada and Sanskrit Script are attached in PDF Format.

Sri Narayana Pandithacharya says ” The person who writes, even a single letter of Acharya’s Bhashya, will be blessed with Punya equivalent to ” Constructing the Finest Sri Hari’s temple on the banks of slowly flowing Noble and Sacred Ganga, facilitating thousands of Bhakthas to have the darshan of the lord.”

Ordinary persons like us, can’t even dream of achieving such noble deeds. It is only through our sincere efforts like writing, reading, publishing such great works of Acharya, we can reap great benefits.

Those Sadhakas interested in such great great works, can utilise the oppotunity of reading such books/Works in this Blog/Website. Why hesitation ? Then please download/view/read and enjoy the same. Here is the attachment





  1. Sanjay Lokapur says:

    Sir I bow my head to you in awe and gratitude. You have done a wonderful service to God. how many jijnasu bhaktas will be benefited your kind deeds, you will not be able to count. It is my humble and earnest request to you to to include the tattva prakashika of Teekarayaru and Bhavadeepa of Rayaru in the Brahma sutra bhashya of Shrimadacharya. I would be honoured to lend my meager helping hand by way of financial contribution for any purpose that you may think of. I would like to once again thank you for making available so many granthas in electroninc form which will help me in my present study of tattva prakashika in Mumbai. Yours sincerely. Sanjay Lokapur.

    • srimadhvyasa says:

      I am publishing all the granthas of H H Raghavendra Tatwamanjari and Good Bhava prakashika will be published shortly. Editing is under progress. Kinldy pardon for some delay Regards

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