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Brahma Sutra Anu Bhashya


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Brahma Sutra Anu Bhashya is published in Sanksrit & Kannada PDF format.

Brahmasutra is written by Lord Vedavyasa who is none other than the incarnation of Lord Narayana. It is like a constitution, which guidelines the spiritual knowledge unleashed by Shruthi, Smriti, Ithihasa, Puranas, Pancharathra and Moola Ramayana. Brahmasutra is said to be Quintessence of complete spiritual knowledge.

Acharya Madhwa condensed this Brahmasutra further and named it as Anubhashya. Only a Genius of his calibre can do this Wonder. It is similar to Krishna’ small mouth showing the entire Universe. Its recitation alone brings the fruits of studying all other Shastras.

Want to see this ? Click the download link here and Enjoy !!



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