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BrahmaSuthra Anuvyakyana of Acharya Madhwa (Moola Only) in Kannada and Sanskrit Script are attached in PDF Format.

Brahmasutra-Anuvyakyana is the Great Work of Acharya Madhwa, which goes to depict the Actual meaning of Brahmasutra written by Lord Vedavyasa, who is none other than Lord Narayana. The real purport of Brahmasutra, has been advocated with a lethal combination of Prathyaksha, Agama and Anumana. Acharya Madhwa unleashes his unfathomable reservoir of knowledge in crystalising the heart of Lord Vedvyasa. Sriman Nyayasudha the magnum opus, of Saint Jayatheertha, is based on this Great Work of Acharya Madhwa. He humbly claims, ” Like a bee, he is running relentlessly at the Flower (Anuvyakyana) and eternally enjoying the unlimited nectar stuffed inside” . How can a common man, even dream of understanding a fraction of it. Only with Acharya Madhwa’s grace, we can touch the surface and understand a bit of it.

It is only through our sincere efforts like writing, reading, publishing such great works of Acharya, we can reap great benefits.

Those Sadhakas interested in such great great works, can utilise the oppotunity of reading such books/Works in this Blog/Website. Why hesitation ? Then please download/view/read and enjoy the same. Here is the attachment



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