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Mayavada Khandana


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Mayavada Khandana is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF Format

Mayavada Khandana, Upadhi Khandana and Prapanchamithyatvanumana Khandana are the 3 treatises in Khandanatraya collections.

In Mayavada Khandana, Acharya Madhwa shows that the Basic foundation of Advaita or Mayavada, i.e the identity of Jiva and Brahman, is baffled with self contradictions.

In Essence, Sruti never, ever, advocates Jiva Brahma Aikya.

Acharya Madhwa’s elegance, in setting aside Jiva Brahma Aikya Vada, in such simple and lucid style, needs to be experienced.

Shall we have a look at that? Then click the Link below and experience it !!!!



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