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Krishnamrutha Maharnava


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Krishnamrutha Maharnava is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format

Acharya Madhwa has collected jewel like quotations from many sources to establish the supremacy of Lord Sri Hari and his incarnation Sri Krishna.

From these collections, he has constructed the Garland of “ KrishnAmruthamahArNava”

In Addition, he highlights the greatness of Shalagrama pooja, practicing Ekadashi, Urdhwapundra Dharana etc.

In nutshell, it elucidates the importance of “ VishnuBhakti”, “Vishnuvratha” and “Vishnu Chinhe”.

Are we lucky enough to practice the same?

Atleast, are we lucky to have a glance at this noble work? Then click and ………


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