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Tantra Sara Sangraha


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    Tantra Sara Sangraha is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format

All the aspects of worship was initially taught to brahma by Lord Vishnu through “TantraSAra” which is now not available to human beings.

Acharya Madwa Extracted relevant portions from this work and has gisted them out in this “ Tantra SAra Sangraha” bringing out its essense.

This Tantra Sara Sanghraha depicts all the important and necessary aspects one should perform. It leaves no stones unturned. Some of the important topics are

a. Chanting 8 great Vaishnava Manthras
b. Aspect of AvaraNa pooja
c. Kalasha pooja
d. Various forms of Lord Vishnu
e. Yagna Rituals
f. Meditation
g. Vasthu of Temple Construction
h. Sculpture and aspects related to Installation of Icons

Phalashruthi says, just reading itself will bestow all that we want. What to say, when it is practised ? There is nothing that one can’t get when one practices Tantra SAra Sangraha, with full knowledge.

Are we fortunate to have a look at this noble work ? If so, Click and enjoy !!!!!!!




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