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Adhyathma Rasa Ranjani of Vishnuthirtha


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Adhyathma Rasa Ranjani of Vishnuthirtha (Aranyakacharya – AdaviAcharya -Jayatheertha) is published in Kannada PDF Format.

1.How should one worship “Bimba Roopa Parmathma” ?
2.How should one perceive the all pervasive God ?
3.How should one worship God in all Place, Time, Object, Deeds etc. and absolve himself of all Punya and Papa ?
4.How should one perform all his duties circumventing himself from all its results ?
5. How can One attain Peace ?
6. How can one be blessed with God’s Grace ?

All the SECRETS of Worship, are so lucidly depicted in this Wonderful Work of Sri Vishnu Thirtha ( Sri Adavi-Achar).

Have a look and be blessed by clicking the link hereunder:
Adhyathma-RasaRanjani-Moola Only

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