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SARVAMOOLA – Works of Acharya Madhwa


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Sarvamoola is a collection of Acharya Madhwa’s Genious Works.

True to his name Ananda theertha, he has given the nector of wisdom through his unparallelled work. Each and Every work goes to substantiate his name Poornaprajna and if one scans his works, undoubtedly one will appreciate his absolute grip over entire gamut of Ancient wisdom.

Unique in his approach, he expresses his opinion, only after garnering and presenting apt Quotations and slokas drawn from myriad of vedic, puranic and other hindu literatures. Throughout his works, one can easily sense his sincerity of spreading the message ” Hari Sarvotthama and Vayu Jeevotthama”

This Blog ( )attempts to unleash his matchless contributions to a sincere devotee.

Visit and Enjoy

Well wisher Acharya Madhwa

Well wisher Acharya Madhwa


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