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Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Bhashya


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BrihadAraNyakOpanishad BhAshya” of Acharya Madhwa is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format

This is the biggest of Madhva’s Upanisad Bhashyas. He gives, as usual, an esoteric and theological explanation of
the ritual sections of the Upanisad. He explains the ‘Asvamedha Brahmana’ in terms of the Brahman, and Its
meditation through nature-symbolism. Acharya Madhwa refutes in detail the contents of monistic texts such as Vacarambhanam. He discusses in full the thesis of Siddharthe-Vyutpattih which establishes that the mechanism of speech has reference to an established order of reality. He also establishes the self-validity of the Agamas, the characteristics of the three Pramanas, the concept of Visesas, etc. He refers to the example of the drum and the lute to emphasize the substantial dependence of everything on God. He refers to passages in the Upanisad that state the human souls are subject to misery and have to look up to God, who is free from arti, imperfection, for grace and redemption. The presence of evil and imperfection in the world is, for Madhva, proof of existence of omnipotent God. At the end of this Bhashya, as at the end of ten other
works, he claims to be an avatar of Vayu.

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