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Srimadh Jayatheertha – Teekacharya


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Srimadh-Jayatheertha, also called as Teekacharya with great reverence, has depicted the heart of Acharya Madhwa.

Srimadh Teekakruthpaadaru

It would have been just impossible to comprehend, the cryptic and unfathomable expressions of Srimadh AnandaTheertha Bhagavathpadhacharya, without surrendering to the magnanimous commentaries of Sri Teekacharya. Any understanding of Sri Poornabodha’s works without the help of commentaries of Sri Teekakruthpadha, is just like a cripple crossing the mighty Himalayas. We can smell the fragrance and taste the nectar of Acharya Madhwa’s heart, only when we humbly take the wings of commentaries of Sri Teekakruthpadharu. Greatest Exponents of Tatwa-vadha like Sri Sreepadaraja, Sri Vyasaraja, Sri Vadiraja, Sri Vijayeendra, Sri Raghavendra, each one of them has bowed their mighty heads at the Great works of Sri Jayatheertha.

Being extremely polite, humble, transparent, one will be spell bound at the enormous diction he commands. The swift flow of his words comes like Mighty Ganges. The clarity he possesses is like full Moon in dark Sky. The precise and aptness of each and every word comes with engineering precision. The power and depth of his logic flashes like bolt from the blue. The eloquence of his speech can just be sensed and can never be fully comprehended. Analysis, arguments and his absolute insight need only to be experienced. Ultimately, undoubtedly, he becomes the personification of Acharya Madhwa’s Unfathomable heart.

Here is list of His Unparalled Works:
In Suthra Prasthaana :-
1. Brahmasutra Bhashya Teeka – Tatvaprakashika
2. Anuvyaakyaana Teeka – Srimannyaaya Sudha
3. Nyaaya VivaraNa Teeka
In Geetha Prasthaana : –
4. Geetha Bhashya Teeka – Prameya Deepike
5. Geetha Tatparya Teeka – Nyaaya Deepika
In Upanishat Prasthaana :-
6. IshaavasyOpanishad bhaashya Teeka
7. Shat PrashnOpanishad bhaashya Teeka
In PrakaraNa Granthaas :-
8. Tattva sanKyaana Teeka
9. Tattva VivEka Teeka
10. TattvOdyOta Teeka
11. Maayaavaada KhandaNa Teeka
12. UpadhikhanDana Teeka
13. Prapanchamithyaatvaanumaana KanDana Teeka
14. Karma NirNaya Teeka
15. Kathaa LakshaNa Teeka
16. PramaaNa laKshaNa Teeka
17. Vishnu Tattva NirNaya Teeka
In Ruk Prasthaana –
18. Rugbhaashya Teeka
In Swatantra Granthaas –
19. VaadaavaLi
20. PramaNa paddati
21. Padyamaala

I am a tiny squirrel, having the ambition to publish all his above Works. I humbly beg his blessings, in accomplishing this dream. I seek the blessings of all GurugaLu in Acharya Madhwa’s Lineage. Like Mother taking all the guiding responsibility, let these Legends guide me, in preserving and propagating these invaluable works.

As a prelude, we are publishing the works of
Sri Vadiraja’s: 1) Sri Jayatheertha Stotra and

2. Sri Vyasatheertha’s (Sri Jayatheertha’s immediate disciple) Sri Brihajjayatheertha Vijaya

praising the invaluable contributions of Sri Jayatheertha

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    Dear Sir, I loved the effort and value your brought to our madhwa community. Regards, Badarish B.S.

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