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Prameya Nava Malika (Anu Madhwa Vijaya)


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Prameya Nava Malika (Anu Madhwa Vijaya ) of Sri Narayana Pandithacharya is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF Downloadable format.

Sri Narayana Panditachaya is the Author of Mahakavya “Sri Madhwa Vijaya”. He has depicted in detail, the Life history of Acharya Madhwa in 16 chapters. To chant the entire 16 chapters on a daily basis, is time consuming.

To facilitate the recollection of entire aspects covered in ” Sri Madhwa Vijaya”, he has written another Miniature version under Caption “Prameya Nava Malika” wherein he has squeeze stuffed all the important aspects. On chanting it, one will be able to picturise most of the events covered in ” Sri Madhwa Vijaya.

Acharya Madhwa, the embodiment of all 32 attributes, is aptly depicted in 32 Slokas. No doubt, the chanter of this work, will reap all the benefits equivalent to reading ” Sri Madhwa Vijaya ”

Sri Raghavendra Theertha Confirms this as:

पुनस्तां मध्वचरितो¬पेता¬मिमां द्वात्रिंशत् श्लोकात्मिकां दक्षां समर्थां सर्वाभीष्टदोग्द्रीं प्रमेयनवमालिकां प्रमेयनवमालिकानाम्नीं सतां श्रवणभूषणं सज्जनानां कर्णभूषायितां एषः नारायणपण्डिताचार्यः व्यतनुत कृतवान् ।

Being Madhwas, we can chant this 32 Sloka Version, showing our deep gratitude to Jagadguru Acharya Madhwa and reap immeasurable benefits from his blessings

Click the Link below to view the same:


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