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Hari Bhakti Lata


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Hari Bhakti Lata of HH Vadiraja is published in Kannada And Sanskrit PDF format

Yet another Masterpiece blossoming out of his heart filled with pure abundant Bhakthi.

NeelaMeghashyama3 - Copy

Sundareshwara - Copy

This is a spontaneous outburst of his unfathomable heart of wisdom, showing his mastery over spiritual expanse. The piercing force of the spiritually rich logic, comes like mighty Ganges from Himalayan wisdom. The glaringly lightening logic is a treat to watch. His commitment to establish the supremacy of Lord Vishnu is mesmerising. Supreme analytical skill of presentation is a power point to watch. The timely recollection of the apt quotations from spiritual works is breath taking. The splashing quotes fountaining out his Mouth, is a feast to enjoy.

True to the core, he practices Acharya Madhwa’s dictum ” विष्णु सर्वोत्तमत्वं च सर्वदा प्रतिपादय “. He baffles the claims of ” Abheda Concept with no uncertain terms. With utmost respect, he boils down why Shiva is not the supreme.

All the attributes of this work is worth to emulate. Even if we attain and gain a small percentage of his commitment to establish “Hari Sarvothamatva”, our birth and deeds would become meaningful.

One should be really fortunate to even see this wonderful work.

Join our hands by clicking the below link and spearhead the propagation of Vishnu’s supremacy:



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