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NavaratnaMalika-PramanaSangraha of Kambaluru Pinnarahari Acharya
(Commentary on Navarathna Malika of Sri Sripadaraja) is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF Format.

Sri Sripadarajaru has distilled the essence of Acharya Madhwa’s philosphy in One Small Sloka. He has squeeze stuffed all the essential tenets of Vaishnava sampradaya or tattwawada in it.

Anyone who wants to understand the tenets and essence of “Madhwa Matha” will find this work as a Light House. In a way, it will be more apt, if we say it is “Sarva Shastrartha Sangraha”. On plain reading, the reader may not find it easy to understand the stuff in its entirety.

Kambaluru Pinnarahari Acharya, a learned scholar, has garnered all the apt and relevant Proofs from “Sarvamoola”-the works of Acharya Madhwa, to substantiate and clarify the essentials of Madhwa Philsophy.

Sri Sripadarajaru proclaims :

श्रीमन्मध्वमते हरिः परतरः सत्यं जगत्तत्त्वतो
भेदो जीवगणा हरेरनुचराः नीचोच्चभावं गताः।
मुक्तिर्नैजसुखानुभूतिरमला भक्तिश्च तत्साधनम्
ह्यक्षादित्रितयं प्रमाणमखिलाम्नायैकवेद्यो हरिः ॥

It contains 9 Basic concepts, which are the core of Sri Anandatheertha’s dictums. Each of these dictums are adequately and aptly substantiated from the Proofs garnered from the works of Sri Poornapragna’s works fondly and respected called “Sarvamoola”

Only when we comprehend the Madhwa’s tenets, with the underlying Proofs, we can wholeheartedly appreciate and call ourselves “MADHWAS”. This work undoubtedly puts us into such formidable position, where in, we can give a befitting assertions to command the supremacy of “Madhwa Philosophy”

This work should become the first and essential compulsion for any “Tatwa-vaadin”. Undoubtedly, one has garner all the underlying points by-heart. Acharya Madhwa will be so pleased if one can make this work as “Parayana” every day. Each and every Madhwa should be proud to own this work in his Heart, which is the seat of Almighty.

We express our gratitude, to Dr. A V Nagasampige, who has edited this work and published by “Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram” .

To express our deep gratitude, let us say


and have a hearty glance at this noble work

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