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Manyu Sukta – Purascharana vidhi


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Manyusutktha Purascharana Vidhi (with kannada meaning) is published in Sankrit, PDF Downloadable format.

This most Powerful Mantra, was once realised by Sage Manyu.

Bheemasena too perceived Lord Narasimha chanting the “MANYU-SUKTHA” while ramming down Dushasana with his blizzering maze and slitting his heart open. He, then offered Dusshasana as oblation to Lord Narasimha. As such Bheema too is considered Rishi of this Mantra/


This Mantra is renowned for acquiring the power to annihilate the enemy. The reciter would also become fearless. This mantra brings worldly prosperity, pleasure along with eternal benefits too.

Let us realise the meaning, reap the benefits of the mantra by chanting it. Click the below link to glance it:

Sanskrit-Manyusuktha-Purascharanavidhi-With Meaning in Kannada

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