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Swapnavrindavanakhyana Pramanya Prabodhanam


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Swapnavrindavanakhyana Pramanya Prabodhanam of Sri Raghupraveeratheertha is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF downloadable format:

Name of few special souls who performed extraordinary devotion to “Future-incarnate-Vayu” Sri Vadiraja, comes to forefront. Immediately after Sri Vadiraja entered Vrindavan, Sri VedaVedhya initiated the glory of performing Vadiraja pooja in the same platform alongside Sri Vayu. Sri Vedanidhi Theertha heard SwapnaVrindavanaKhyana first from the mouth of a Brahmin and got it scripted. Likewise, it was this Sri Vedanidhi Theertha himself who got the AnuVrindavanaKhyana sculpted in the very vicinity of the Vrindavan, glorifying the Rujuthva of Vadiraja. Subsequently it was Vrindavanacharya who did case classification, clarifying its intricate matters presenting them to the general mass of devotees.

It was Sri Raghupraveeratheertha of Sri Bheemanakatte Mutt, who studied Akhyana directly from Sri Vrindavanacharya to become a staunch advocate of Vadiraja Rujutva. He established the supremacy and authenticity of Akhyana, by rendering clarifications on many matters which was seemingly volatile in establishing its authenticity, in his classic work “Swapnavrindavanakhyana Pramanya Prabodhanam”. This work is commanding great depth in the intricate matter of Rujutva, with numerous classic sensitive premises.

Studying this work, conolidate our conviction of Vadiraja Rujuthwa, therby blossoming our devotion, in him.

It is more than a privilege, to run in between the lines of this great work. We shall lay our hands and heart on it by clicking the following links:



Additionally few other works which consolidates the Vadiraja Rujutwa are attached for the interested devotees, under the following links:

  1. VadirajaRujuthwaPrathipadhane
  2. SrimadhVadirajaRujuthaSiddhantha

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