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Popular Names of Acharya Madhwa

1 Anandathirtha
2 Madhwacharya
3 Acharya Madhwa
4 Poornapragna Thirtha
5 Sukha Thirtha


1. Gita Prasthana

1 Srimad Bhagavad Gita Bhashyam
2 Srimad Bhagavad Gita Tatparya Nirnaya

2. Sutra Prasthana

1 Srimad Brahmasutra Bhashyam
2 Srimad Brahmasutra Anuvyakyana
3 Srimad Brahmasutra Anubhashyam
4 Srimad Brahmasutra Nyaya Vivaranam

3. Upanishad Prasthana
1 Aitareya Upansihad Bhashyam

2 Chandogya Upanishad Bhashyam
3 Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Bhashyam
4 Ishavasya Upanishad Bhashyam
5 Talavakara Upanishad Bhashyam
6 Shatprasha Upanishad Bhashyam
7 Kataka Upanishad Bhashyam
8 Atharvana Upanishad Bhashyam
9 Manduka Upanishad Bhashyam
10 Thithireeya Upanishad Bhashyam

4.Shruthi Prasthana

1 Rig Bhashya

5.Ithihasa Prasthana

1 Mahabharata Tathparya Nirnaya

6. Purana Prasthana

1 Bhagavatha Tathparya Nirnaya

7. Prakarana

1 Tathva Sankhyana
2 Tathvodyotha
3 Pramana Lakshana
4 Upadi Khandana
5 Prapancha Mithyathvanumana Khandana

8. Achara Grantha

1 Tanthrasara Sangraha
2 Jayanti Nirnaya
3 Pranavakalpa

9. Stotra Grantha

1 Nakha Sthuthi
2 Dwadasha Stotra (Bhakti Gatha)
3 Kanduka Sthuthi

This blog contains all these scripts in Kannada PDF and Document format.  The same is Free and can be downloaded by any users for propating the same. Owner Srinivasa Rao H K is having the ardent desire to publish  these SARVAMOOLA grantha progressively and this task is under progress. Users are requested for feedback on the work.  Mistakes if any in the documents can be brought the notice of the owner, and he would be grateful in updating the same, with thanks.

Owner would be grateful, if users can forward this link and make the effort of publishing Acharya Madhwa’s literature to public at large


  1. guruprasad says:

    Namaskaragalu, the service rendered by you is simply good.this is the only way of carrying our religion ,culture and tradition to the generation.i pray lord nrusimma bless you with excellent health to carry on the great work

  2. drish says:

    Where is the download link, Sir.

    • srimadhvyasa says:

      Kindly use Acharya Madhwa, Vadiraja, srikrishna and narayanapanditacharya Menu, and track down sub-menu and go to relavent page and hit download link to view/download.

      or use and go to main menu and try using it

  3. srimadhvyasa says:

    Can you clarify. Which PDF books do you want. If it is sarvamoola, You can download the same from the published web pages in this side. Otherwise, kindly clarify what you want

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