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Chandogyopanishad Bhashya

Chandogyopanishad Bhashya of Acharya Madhwa is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF Format.

Chandogya is the Upanishad of sAmavEda.This is the third among the biggest upanishads.

The granta count of bhashya is 1200.

Narayana in Hayagreeva form is the primary Rishi. Rama and Brahama are the secondary rishis, Naryana resting on Shesha(serpent) is the presiding diety of this Upanishad.

Meaning of OM,
Word by word meaning of udgIta,
Representation of the Supreme Lord as the 8th rasa,
Narration of Vayudevaru’s AkhaNAshmasamatwa,
Story of ushasticA,
Preachings of Vayu (in the form of Vrishabaha) and other dieties, about Vasudeva and other forms of Supreme Lord to satyakAmajAbala Rishis,
Explaining the nature of Supreme Lord through the Agnis(fires) gArhapatya and anwAhAryapacana,
Preaching of saMvargavidya by Raikwaru to jAnashruti pautrAyaNa,
Enunciation of the fact that Vayu is saMvarga,
Explaining the guardian deities for 116 years of a beings life as –
first 24 years Vasu,next 44 years rudras, last 48 years -Adityas,
Methods of curing various disease and other problems by worshipping vasu and other dieties,
How Aitareya Rishi acheived success by doing this,
Worship of Vayu – jyEshTa shrEshTa forms and its results,
Preachings of Uddhalaka Rishi about the merits of knowing the SupremeLord,
The method of creation of the universe,
Meaning of (A)tatwamasi.
The incident when Uddhalakaru father of Shwetaketu, had alerted him by asking -Are you Supreme Lord ?( Atattwamasi, because had not understood the inner meaning of Vedas even after having studied them for 12 years, –

All these are the most important topics of this Upanishad.

The way in which SrimadAcharya has analysed this is very Unique.

Naamavidya preached by Narada to sanatkumara and finally guidance of Brahma to Indra and VirOchana.

Upanishad ends by describing the nature of Salvation as ‘na ca punarAvartate’

In this manner, ShriMadAcharya’s bhAshya in every stage sheds immense light on all important propositions of this Upanishad which is filled with many secrets propositions.

SrimadhAchArya has justified with proof that difference is the true summary for many shrutis which appear to be preaching indifference such as ‘sarvaM ha vai bhavati’, ‘sarvaM KalwidaM brahma’, ‘tajjalAniti shAMta upAsIta’, ‘tattwamasi’

Can we have a look at this. Then click the link below and wait !!



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