Pramana Paddhathi

PRAMANA PADDHATHI OF Sri Jayatheertha is published in Kannada & Sanksrit PDF Format

Acharya Madhva classify pramANas under the following heads :

1. PratyakSha (Sense -perception),
2. AnumAna (inference)
3. Agama (Verbal testimony or scripture).

In his works

    “Pramana Lakshana”

he bestows valuable insight into its types, nature, etc.

Commentator Sri Jayatheertha and more respectfully called as Teekacharya, states that the above work of Acharya Madhwa is astounding in its depth and is not easily digestible to Beginners. He profess that his work

“ PramaNa Paddathi”

is intended to make the stuff much easier to them. His presentation is structured, lucid and sequenced with crystal clear explanations.

As such, the Beginners in Madhwa Philosophy are immensely benefitted by “ PramaNa paddhathi”. Having understood this work and then undertaking further studies of Acharya Madhwa’s Works, the path would become much easier.

Srimadh Teekacharya, with his commentaries , has lent his invaluable Hand, in trekking the mountainous works of Acharya Madhwa.

To understand the profoundness of this work, shall we join the marathon by having a look at it ?

Then why hesitation ? Click the link below and start !

PramaNa Paddhati


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