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Mahabharatha Tatparya (Yamaka Bharatha)

Yamakabharatha is published in Sanskrit and Kannada PDF Format

Acharya Madhwa’s Yamakabharatha has been rightly proclaimed as ” World Wonder ” by Narayana Panditaacharya.

As a poem, it commands unsurpasssed admiration. It is a Jewel in epitomes ( Mahabaratha-tatparya-Nirnaya) of the voluminous epic Mahabaratha. “Krishna Katha” being the cream of “Mahabaratha” fountains out of it . Its an abridgement only of its caliber.

It contains a verse affording more than twenty meanings, all cogent and significant. Being rich and juicy fruit, it splashes spontaneous overflow of indepth and inherent devotion to Lord Krishna.

Current of Bhakti overflows, fit to be realised by connoisseurs. As a master-poet, Acharya Madhwa has demonstrated to the world that “Yamalankar” can be unleashed effectively to cause and enhance the beauty of a poem.

For Bhaktas it is a devotional poem able to arouse and accelerate “Krishnabakti” in their hearts.

For “Paataks” it is a holy poem, the recital of which has the power to yield desired fruits.

For “Sadhakas” it is a sacred “Mantra” impelling them to advance on the path of their spiritual progress leading to God-Realisation and final liberation.

“Yamakabharatha is a Masterpiece with unique touch of Acharya Madhwa”.

Can we have a look at this Master Piece ? Then click the link below and enjoy !



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