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Dwadasha Stotra – Bhakti Gatha

Dwadasha Stotra – Bhakti Gatha is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF Format

The cream and essense of all our offerings, will be void and nothing but null, if (“BHAKTHI” ) devotion is short or absent in them.

Then, What is devotion ? Who has experienced it ? Where do we find it?



Ecstatic! we are, if we see the abundance of such devotion in the Bhakti Ghathas of Acharya Madwha. If we surrender and tune ourselves in these Ghathas, undoubtedly, we will be out of world, tranced. Such is the sincere and unfathomable depth of devotion, in the ocean of Acharya Madhwa’s Heart & Wisdom.

Acharya, with great love and compassion, had presented a small sample, of spell bound joy he experienced every moment, through this nector/Hari Bhakthi Ghatha, popularly known as Dwadasha Stotra.

Only with his grace, I enjoyed a drop of this devine nectar. I will be pleased to share the same with you all. Here is your attachment:


Sanskrit Bhakthi-Ghaatha-28082013



  1. DNR RAO says:

    Namasthe, I am in need of Dwadasha sthothra with kannada meaning for each shloka/verse in kannada script Pdf format. Any person having web link/URL may kindly send it to me. My email With Regards

  2. Shrinivas says:

    Thank you v v much

  3. Balachandra says:

    Dear Srinivas ji. You have given the filenames as “bhakhi gaatha”. It should be “bhakthi gaatha”. “t” is missing.

  4. Murali R Rao says:

    Namaskara Need Dwadasa Stotra in english please for recitation.

  5. hanumantha rao gopinathan says:

    can i get word for word in English Dwadasha Stotra. for the purpose of recitation

    • Raghu Rao says:

      Namaskara. If you are in Chennai, you can get a book in SRS Matha, T Nagar or you can go to a Ramakrishna Mission book store and get the book on Dwadasha Stotra. Both these books are in English with meanings. I also have a Word document on this subject. Make a posting on MYP board and I will send the files to you.
      Note: How wierd it is that an Advaitin book store has a book on Dwadasha Stotra :)


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