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Tatwa Sankhyana Teeka

Tatwa Sankhyana Teeka of Sri Jayathirtha is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF Downloadable format.

This is commentary on crisp and squeeze stuffed work of Acharya Madhwa.

In ten Stanzas, the work sets forth and explains the nature of the universe so that the reader may know the difference between himself and the Supreme Being, who is the cause of the creation, existence and destruction of the universe and realize that there is no identity between the Finite and Absolute. Pluralism is thus indirectly established in this work. The work is included in the ten Prakaranas of Sri Acharya Madhwa, which together present a comprehensive idea of his philosophy.

The commentary of HH Sri Jayathirtha is a lucid and crisp explanations of Acharya Madhwa’s heart.

Can we have a look at this unique work, which goes to clarify the elements of universe and its implications.

Click the link below to submerge yourself :

Kannada -TathwaSankhyana-Teeka-20072013


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