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Adhyathma Rasaranjani – Vishnutheertha

Adhyathma Rasa Ranjani of Vishnuthirtha (Aranyakacharya – AdaviAcharya -Jayatheertha) is published in Kannada PDF Format.

1.How should one worship “Bimba Roopa Parmathma” ?
2.How should one perceive the all pervasive God ?
3.How should one worship God in all Place, Time, Object, Deeds etc. and absolve himself of all Punya and Papa ?
4.How should one perform all his duties circumventing himself from all its results ?
5. How can One attain Peace ?
6. How can one be blessed with God’s Grace ?

All the SECRETS of Worship, are so lucidly depicted in this Wonderful Work of Sri Vishnu Thirtha ( Sri Adavi-Achar).

Have a look and be blessed by clicking the link hereunder:
Adhyathma-RasaRanjani-Moola Only


  1. D.S.Pramod Dharwad says:

    S, pls do upload Moola Bhagavatha Saroddhara of Madanooru Vishnutheertharu. It will be of graet help to all Vaishnavas.
    Thank u in advance.

  2. Please upload Bhagavatha Saroddhara i Sanskeit PDF

  3. I want book shodashi with kannada meaning please tell how and where do I get ?

    • Raghavendra Katti says:

      Respected Sir,

      My request for Shodashi and Chaturdashi with kannada meaning is pending for 2 years? Except this I am receiving your reply on all other matters.

      Regards Raghavendra K Katti Davangere-577 002

      Raghavendra K Katti Sri Sarvajnyacharya Seva Sangha D.No.1050/5, KB Extension 3rd Cross, Kuvempu Road Davangere-577 002 (KARNATAKA) Mob: BSNL – 094806 25659 REL JIO – 83173 19513

  4. Shubhodaya. What a wonderful human being you are? For my enquiry you replied means, really you are blessed with Sri Harivayugalu. For your endevour I am thankful to you very much. Please take your own time and made available to me. The service which are going to do it is nothing but direct service to Sri Vyasaru. God Bless you with his choicest blessings for your extraordinary service rendering to him. I fold my hands to Lord Sri Hari for coming out of that book and help one and all the needy astika people, in total.

  5. Raghavendracharya K Katti says:

    Can I bless with Shodashi & Chaturdashi Grantha, since badly in need of the same because of its wonderful contents.

  6. Please upload Sanskrit version of this book…

  7. MADHUKAR N V says:

    ok iti sgood to see vishnutheertha`s grantha any pravachans on his work please upload

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