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Katha Lakshana-Teeka

Katha Lakshana Teeka of Sri Padmanabha Theertha is published in Kannada PDF Format.

In Spritual World, contribution of Acharya Madhwa is unfathomable. Acharya Madhwa gave disciplehood to 4 scholars namely Sri Padmanabha Theertha, Sri Nahahari Theertha, Sri Madhava Theertha and Sri Akshobhya Theertha.

Sri Padmanabha Theertha thus became the first disciple of Acharya Madhwa.



Before he became the disciple of Acharya Madhwa, he was known as Shobhana Bhatta. He is said to have written many commentaries to Acharya Madwa’s Work.

Even renowned Sri Jayatheertha Teekacharya had acknowledged the greatness of Sri Padmanabhatheertha. He states :

रमानिवासोचितवासभूमिः सन्न्यायरत्नावलिजन्मभूमिः।
वैराग्यभाग्यो मम पद्मनाभतीर्थामृताब्धिर्भवताद्विभूत्यै॥ 5॥

In addition he confers – It is just impossible to comprehend Acharya Madhwa, without the help of commentaries written by Sri Padmanabha Theertha.

It would be apt to commemorate the greatness of Sri Padmanabha Theertha, if we can look and study all the works of Sri Padmanabha Theertha, in addition to performing usual ritual pooja, abhisheka etc.

We would be grateful to any people who can share his works (scanned copy, photo copy, manuscript etc.) with us and help us to get those scripts typed and published in this blog. This is one of the best ways to preserve protect and promote our rich culture. Let us see how many persons respond

To start with, we are publishing one of his works ” Katha Lakshana Teeka” in Kannada format

Have a look and enjoy :


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