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Mandukopanishad Bhashya


Mandukopanishad Bhashya of Acharya Madhwa is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format


The tenth upanisad, the Mandukopanishad, again belongs to the Atharva Veda. There was a common false belief that the Karikas of this Upanishad were written by Gaudapada. Acharya Madhwa wrote commentary on the Karikas and asserted that they are a part of the Upanishad itself. The rare elucidation of the forms of divine which control the states of wakefulness, dream and deepsleep is the unique contribution of Acharya.

Varuna who had assumed the form of a Manduka is the sage for this Upanishad. God in his four forms of Visva, Taijasa, Prajna and Turiya is the deity for this Upanishad. This Upansigad consists of both prose and verses. There are four sections. In each section, the doctrines to be stated are first stated in prose and then elaborated in verses revealed to Chaturmukha brahma.

The central theme of this Upanishad is to give an exposition of the significance of ‘Om’kara. It is brought out here that the entire ‘Om’kara conveys Aksara, i.e., Brahman, while the syllable a,u,m and nada of ‘Om’kara convey Visva, Taijasa, Prajna and Turiya forms of Brahman. The process and the purpose of creation is also explained in this Upanishad

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