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Sarasa Bharathi Vilasa

Sarasa Bharathi Vilasaha of HH Vadiraja Theertha is published  in Kannada & Sanskrit downloadable PDF Format.

Another Marvel from HH Sri Vadiraja Theertha. In this work, his commitment of establishing Vishnu’s supremacy is demonstrated. In his Unique style treasured with Supreme command over Spiritual Texts, unparalleled diction, unsurpassed Bhakti of Almighty Vishnu, unfathomable wisdom, clinching subordination to Acharya Madhwa, he has presented the most relevant arguments to propagate Supremacy of Sri Hari, Supremacy of Lakshmi, Jeevotthamathva of Brahma / Vayu & Saraswathi / Bharathi.

He invites and Challenges all the opponents, who are against Acharya Madhwa’s proclamations, with fierce logic backed by Vedic and proofs from all Shastras. Each and every arguments he presents is a treat to watch and feast to digest.

This works consists of 701 Slokas coming under 12 Vilasas.

Vilasa 01 : Mangalacharana with prayer to Lord Hayagreeva and Dashavathara.
Vilasa 02 : Prayer to Ramaa, Brahma, Vayu, Hanuman, Acharya Madhwa, Saraswathi, Bharathi, Garuda, Shesha, Rudra and their wives, seeking detachment, wisdom and devotion.
Vilasa 03 : Praising the special creed called Para Shukla Traya i.e those with 100% satvic Attributes, void of all Dosha’s, with unqualified and pure devotion to Sri Hari.
Vilasa 04 : Touching narration of Bhagavatha Dashama Skanda Episode of Krishna Rukmini’s lovely quarrel, which goes to establish unqualified love and devotion of Lakshmi towards Sri Narayana.
Vilasa 05 : Dwells on Chandogyopanishad’s proclamations of Vayu and his 3 incarnations of Hanuma, Bheema & Acharya Madhwa to profess their supreme, pure, unqualified and unparalleled Devotion to Lord.
Vilasa 06 : Hanuman and Bheema’s wisdom and their unblemished devotion to Lord.
Vilasa 07 : Demolition of other Schools of thought and reinforcement of Vayu’s unparalleled devotion to Sri Hari.
Vilasa 08 : Proofs from Talavakara, Chandhogya, Shatprashna, Taitthiriya, Aithareya to establish the supremacy of Mukhya Prana and his 3 incarnations.
Vilasa 09 : Highlighting the limitations and Doshas in Garuda, Shesha, Rudra, Dhurvasa, Ashwatthama, Indra and other demigods.
Vilasa 10 : Establishing the limitations of Rudra, their by questioning the others claims of Rudra’s supremacy, and bringing out the significance of Brahma Sutra “Pathyuramaamanjasyath”.
Vilasa 11 : Re-affirms the limitations of Rudra and re-clarifies that no such limitations are their in Lord Vishnu.
Vilasa 12 : Further establishes the truthful limitations of Rudra. In addition, he fortifies the strength and power of Lord Vishnu : To do, Not to Do AND to Do it otherwise. Confirms that this is the Unique attribute possessed by Vishnu alone and not by others.

As a conclusion, he claims that this work is not to denigrade any demigods. It is done with a sole intention of nurturing the ultimate devotion to Lord Hari, and graded devotion to other demi-gods in accordance with their attributes.

HH Vadiraja professes that this Graded devotion is the only way by which we can garner Lord’s blessings.

He humbly says that with the blessings of Lord Hayagreeva, this Mahakavya was completed effortlessly.

He confirms that any one chanting this work on a daily basis with belief and devotion, will be blessed with Mukthi i.e. liberation, which happens to be the man’s ultimate DREAMLAND.

Dive into this work and unravel the mystic treasure hidden inside. Click the link below and enjoy




  1. Please upload SBV un Sanskrit PDF. Dhanyavadhagalu

  2. K.R.Sudheendra says:

    I do not have exposure to sanskrit. can I be of some use /

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