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Sri Raghavendra Vijaya is published in Sanskrit & kannada PDF Format :

HH Raghavendra Thirtha, with great reverence, also called as Mantralaya mahaprabhugalu, is the Hero of this Grantha. Any words to fathom his contribution to Madhwa Philosophy, utterly fails. Parimalacharya’s name has become the most revered name in any Madhwa household today. It is just unimaginable to pass a day without remembering him and his contribution.

Sri Raghavendra shines out as the brightest star in the stalwart saints of Madhva lineage. He occupies a prominent status in the galaxy of the Swamijis. His popularity is incredible. He is the favourite of the masses and the scholars alike. His admirers and disciples are not confined to any caste or sex or sect or any part of the country. It is not a boast, when we state that the largest number of Brindavans are of Sri Raghvendra scattered all over India from Badri to Kanyakumari, from Kutch to Assam. Sri Raghavendra is known for many things and is the complex of several excellences. His greatness is unsurpassable(agamyamahima), his compassion for suffering humanity is infinite(atyantadaya) and his popularity is astounding and breath-taking(visesajanapriti). Added to all these he is a reputed scholar with a substantial output of 42 works to his credit (prakanda pandita).

Here is the list of his unparalleled works

Veda Traya Vivruti
Commentories on all three vedas

Mantrartha Manjari
A commentary on the first 3 Adhyayas (40 Suktas) of the Rig Veda.

Purushasooktadi Panchasookta Vyakhyana
Commentaries (short glosses) Purusasookta, Gharma, Samudra, Pavamana, Hiranyagarbha and Ambhrni sooktas.

Khandarthas (Word by word meaning)
Lucid expositions on 9 out of 10 Upanishads commented upon by Madhvacharya (except aitareya Upanishad).

Geetartha Sangraha
More popularly known as Geeta-Vivrutti, a lucid original commentary on the Geeta

Prameya Deepika Vyakhya
Commentary on Madhvacharya’s Geeta Bhashya

Geeta Tatparya Teeka Vivarana
Commentary on Jayateertha’s commentary on Acharya Madhva’s Geeta Tatparya

Tatparya Chandrika
A learned Vivruti on the Brahma Sutras, explaining earlier works like Nyayasudha, chandrika etc.

Nyaya Muktavali
Brief exposition of the Brahma-Sutra

Tatwa Manjari
A detailed exposition of the Anubhashya of Madhvacharya

Tattvaprakashika Bhavadeepa
Exposition on Tatvaprakashika, Jayateertha’s commentary on the Brahma Sootra Bhashya of Sri Madhwacharya.

It is one of the most popular commentaries on Nyayasudha of Sri Jayateertha. It is because of this that Rayaru is called Parimalacharya

Tippani (Notes) on Dasha Prakaranas
Glosses on six out of the ten Prakaranas of Madhvacharya,

Rama Chartirya Manjari
A short work highlighting the major aspects of Rama Avatara.

Krishna Charitrya Manjari
A short work highlighting the major aspects of Krishna Avatara.

Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya Bhava Sangraha
A short summary of the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya by Madhvacharya. Rayaru has captured the essence of each Adhyaya in one verse.

Vadavalee Vyakhya
Commentary on Vadavali of Shree Jayateertha

Chandrika Vyakhya
Commentary on the Tatparya Chandrika of Vyasa Teertha

Tarkatandava Vyakhya
Commentary on Tarkatandava of Shree Vyasa teertha

Pramana Padhati Vyakhya
Commentary on Pramana padhdhati of ShrI JayatIrtha

Anu-Madhva Vijaya Vyakhya
A commentary on Anumadhvavijaya of Shree Narayana Panditacharya.

Pratah Sankalpa Gadya
A very inspiring prose to recited in the morning as a resolution to perform the day’s activities.

Sarva Samarpana Gadya
A very inspiring prose to recited in the night to submit the day’s activities to the Lord. Goes along with Pratah Sankalpa Gadya.

Nyaya Deepika
Not available. Supposed to be a commentary on Madhvacharya’s Geeta Tatparya.

Bhatta Sangraha
A Commentary on the Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini following the Bhatta school. One of the very few works written by Dvaitins on other systems of thought.

Other short works
Nadi Taratamya stotra in Sanskrit
Rajagopala Stotra in Sanskrit
Dashavatara Stuti in Sanskrit
Indu yenage govinda – a soul stirring kannada song

Considering his above invaluable contribution to Acharya Madhwa’s philosophy, the author has narrated his lifeline, in this masterpiece “ Sri Raghavendra Vijaya”. Every Madhwa follower would be higly blessed by chanting this great work.

We have published this work in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF Format, to facilitate chanting on a daily basis.

Can we be fortunate enough to have a glance at this work. Then click the below link.

Sankrit Raghavendra Vijaya

For more meaning & details you may visit the below site:

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