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Aitareya Upanishat Bhashya

Mahaitareyopanishat Bhashya of Acharya Madhwa is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF Format

The first of the Upanishats commented upon here is the Aitareyopanishad that belongs to a Section of Rig-Veda. This is the favourite Upanishat of Acharya. Hence he has written quite an extensive commentary on this. As he wrote on the entire Upanishat part of the Aranyaka, this Upanishat is also called Mahaitareyopanishat.

This Upanishat, which stresses the view that all names are the names of God, has not been explained by any other commentator so lucidly as by Madhvacharya. All the other Commentators have given the dictionary meanings of the Mantras. But Acharya gives the rare etymological meaning and thus opens an entirely new horizon before us.

In the beginning of his commentary, Acharya himself has said that Aitareyopanishad descdended from Brahmadeva to the lineage of Seers. The followers of Rig-Veda made its study a part of their tradition. The most mysterious powers of the Narayana Tatva have been presented here.

To appreciate the significance, we need to look at this Upanishad. Please Click the link below to have a look at this Wonderful work :


S-08-Sanskrit MahaithareyopanishadBhashya-28082013

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