Padhyamala of Sri Jayatheertha is published in Kannada PDF Format

Sri Jayathirtha has composed Padhyamala describing the method of
worship. This is an abridged elucidation of the related ideas propounded in Tantrasara of Sri Madhwacharya. All other works of Sri Teekacharya are in Text or prosaic form. Only this work is in the form of Slokha/ Hymns.

Padhyamala describes the modes of both shaligrama and Idol worship. The importance of Gradation or ThArathamya is also highlighted.

Phalashruthi states that due to exigency, if one is unable to perform the God’s worship on anyday, he would get the full benefit & merit of performing the worship, by reading WITH DEVOTION this padhyamala.

Unique in its class, not only it guides us in performing pooja, its devoted chanting also stands as Emergency Aid, at times where for compelling reasons, we abstain pooja.

Want to have a look at this Work ? Then click the link below :


  1. sreeramgopinath says:

    Please, with the grace of God, continue doing this great task of collecting all the Dvatic literature and providing it to us to enjoy and enlighten, many thanks to your efforts. Also, it would be extremely generous of you to provide the Sanskrit Version of Padhya Malaa to help people who can’t read kannada, Thanks.

  2. tejas kamat says:

    please translate in english or hindi too sir so that all can have benefit of this work

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