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NyAsapaddhati is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF Format



This work briefs the routines of Sanyasins. Acharya, stresses the importance of Sanyasins practice of not settling in one place. Instead, he highlights the importance of Sanyasins, being content with what ever they get in sojourn. He puts a limit to maximum number of houses, that could be visited to 3, 5 or 7 utmost. Whatever is collected, shall be shared by him with his desciples.

In nutshell, this work compactly prescribes the essentials of Sanyasa Dharma

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Tantra Sara Sangraha

    Tantra Sara Sangraha is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format

All the aspects of worship was initially taught to brahma by Lord Vishnu through “TantraSAra” which is now not available to human beings.

Acharya Madwa Extracted relevant portions from this work and has gisted them out in this “ Tantra SAra Sangraha” bringing out its essense.

This Tantra Sara Sanghraha depicts all the important and necessary aspects one should perform. It leaves no stones unturned. Some of the important topics are

a. Chanting 8 great Vaishnava Manthras
b. Aspect of AvaraNa pooja
c. Kalasha pooja
d. Various forms of Lord Vishnu
e. Yagna Rituals
f. Meditation
g. Vasthu of Temple Construction
h. Sculpture and aspects related to Installation of Icons

Phalashruthi says, just reading itself will bestow all that we want. What to say, when it is practised ? There is nothing that one can’t get when one practices Tantra SAra Sangraha, with full knowledge.

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Yati Pranavakalpa

Yati Pranavakalpa is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF Format

Acharya Madhwa crisply summarises all the essentials of Sainthood or Yati Dharma in this tiny but very informative work.



It ends with Highlighting the most important duty of of Sainthood i.e “Never Rest in spreading the Supremacy of Lord Hari, everywhere”

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Jayanti Nirnaya

Jananti Nirnaya is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF Format

Rituals to be performed on the night of Sri Krishna’s birth are prescribed unambiguously in this tiny work.

Yashoda  Nandana Krishna

Yashoda Nandana Krishna

The word Jayanti refers to the midnight of the eight day of the Krishnapaksha when Rohini star arises.

Let us have a look at this work and try to practice as prescribed ….


Krishnamrutha Maharnava

Krishnamrutha Maharnava is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format

Acharya Madhwa has collected jewel like quotations from many sources to establish the supremacy of Lord Sri Hari and his incarnation Sri Krishna.

From these collections, he has constructed the Garland of “ KrishnAmruthamahArNava”

In Addition, he highlights the greatness of Shalagrama pooja, practicing Ekadashi, Urdhwapundra Dharana etc.

In nutshell, it elucidates the importance of “ VishnuBhakti”, “Vishnuvratha” and “Vishnu Chinhe”.

Are we lucky enough to practice the same?

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Sadhachara Smrithi

Sadhachara Smrithi is published in Kannada & Sanskrit PDF format

Acharya Madhwa in his crisp work “Sadachara Smriti” elucidates the right procedures to be followed in a day, from morning to night, by a Vaishnava, in about forty slokas.

One has to be fortunate to follow the procedures and austerities stated in this work.

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