Yukti Mallika

Yukti Mallika is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF Downloadable format

Yukti-Mallika can be called the magnum opus of Vadiraja Theertha along with Rukminisha Vijaya.

In the Yukti-Mallika, Vadiraja analyses threadbare different philosophical systems and extrapolates the conclusion that the Madhwa Siddantha or the Dwaitha is the best.

He is at his dispassionate and rational best, in drawing upon the works of other systems . Reasoning out each and every aspects from all perspectives, he demonstrates precisely the aptness and infallible atttributes of Acharya Madhwa’s Dwaitha philosophy.

If any Jignasu, with open heart researches the proclamations of Sri Vadiraja, it will be impossible to ignore even one proclamation. The logic and Vision he displays is breathtaking, mesmerising and absolutely convincing. The force of logic comes like bolt from blue with fortification of Apourusheya Veda concept.

This Yukthi Mallika has five chapters captioned as Sourabhas. They are Guna Sourabha, Shuddhi Sourabha, Bheda Sourabha, Sadhana Sourabha and Phala Sourabha.In all It has 5379 slokas.

The Guna Sourabha and Shuddhi Sourabha propagates and consolidates Madhwa’s theism and the concept of Brahman.

The Bheda Sourabha establishes that Jeeva and Brahman cannot be one and the same or identical. They both are different and exists at different levels. It summarises and establishes Pancha Bhedha and Taratamya.

Sadhana Sourabha says the cosmos is real and it refutes the theory of Maya.

The Phala Sourabha clarifies the fundamental and truthful interpretation of the Brahmasutras substantiating Acharya Madhwa’s proclamations.

Vadiraja Theertha refers to Madhwacharya several times in the Mallika and professes his admiration to him. The falacies in Shankara Bhashya, Anandabhoda, Sriharsha and the Tatwadipana are scholastically illuminated. Simultaneously, he scales Madhwa Siddhanta interpretations to newer heights,superbly using his wit and humour.

The last chapter is important for Dwaithas as it traverses the topic of Moksha. When he goes to the interpretation of Balitta Suktha he proves the greatness of avatara Traya of Acharya Madhwa. The utmost respect and gratitude he shows to Acharya Madhwa and Philosophy, is worth experiencing.

Through out, reader experiences his scholastic ability, enormous diction, impeccable logic, utmost sincerity, profound humility. Tremendously empowered battery and array of proclamations is a treat to watch. The way he presents Common Sense approach is a feast to enjoy.

Undoubtedly, any studies, without dwelling into the insights provided by Yukthi Mallika, is incomplete.

You will experience it, if you click the below link.



  1. Venkatramana Rao says:

    Any translation into Engish or kannada is available

  2. the great work .pavamanacharya panchamukhi 9705036363

  3. Anand Nadiger says:

    It is a great work. God bless you all.

  4. Varna says:

    Bhavi Sameera Shri Vadiraja Guruvantarghata Shri Lakshmi Hayagreevaya Namaha

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