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  1. Sudhir Kulkarni says:

    Good Morning sir,
    Please provide us with the “Shriman Nyaya Sudha” of Shri Jayateertharu completely….Please

  2. Dear seenanna, I got the sarvamoola grantha, & Photos, again, forwarded by Smt Sandhya(I do not know her,Pl convey my thanks) One of my cousin’s son(from father’s side) Mr Dwarakanath has published a book of all Madwa saints’ Brindawanams,its location etc.
    He is in Bangalore only, I will find out his address & Telephone no(Latest) & send it to you later,on confirming the same,from my other cousins
    You may be interested, Hope this will find you in good spirits & Best of health////cheers/// Dhanu

  3. Sandhya says:

    Pls give spiritual things to do by men n women details if u could provide

  4. Dhanu says:

    The photographs are really nice, I feel the photograph of Sri Madhwa acharya could have been better: Thank you: Dhanu

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