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Tatva Prakashika / Tatwaprakashika

Tatva Prakashika (Tatwa Prakashika) is published in Kannada PDF format

We seek the service of readers to help us in proof reading the same. Once again we clarify, that this is published pending proof reading. Those who can can help us in making this work error free can contact on skype id SRKARC6070 online. Alternatively, the errors can be highlighted in downloaded PDF and sent to us, to do the needful. In doing so, they will be rendering their might in propagating Acharya Madhwa’s Philosophy.


Tatwa-Prakashika written by Sri Teekacharya is a commentary on the Brahma-sutras that does full justice to the Brahma-sutra bhashya of Sri Madhwacharya.

In the Tatwa-Prakashika, Sri Teekacharya clears all doubts that the seeker has, with quotations from the Vedas, Upanishads and other holy scriptures, and also with examples from the material life; so much so that, with his incredible depth of knowledge, he clears doubts that are considered inconceivable, and in the end, leaves no iota of doubt in the mind of the seeker, and presents the secret Vedic knowledge in its pure crystal form.

Sri Teekacharya lifts the seeker to a higher level of understanding to appreciate the beauty of the Vedas that turns itself into conviction and accelerates his spiritual progress.

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  1. PLease upload sanskrit version

  2. Dualist philosophy? Can someone explain the meaning of “Tattvamasi” based on Madvacharya’s comments?

    • Padmanabha R Nijagal says:

      “Tattvamasi” according to Great Madhvacharya has many meanings. Some of which are:

      1. Tat (that God) Tvam (you) Asi (are?) meaning Are you God?

      2. If we read with along with previous phrase “Sa Atmaatatvamasi” then, Sa = He is Atma = God atatvamasi=you are not God.

      3. Tvam Tat sadrusham asi = you are like the God meaning in your swaroopa, you are also knowledgeable and happy as per your caliber but due to prakrita sarira, you are now undergoing sufferings. If you finish Sadhana through sravana, manana, nidhidhyasana then you will remove this prakrita bondage (linga sarira) and become like him.

  3. kustagi raghavendracharya says:

    dear sir,
    Without tattvaprakaashikaa AAchaarya’s bhaashya is not satisfactorily understood.Knowing the antaranga(haarda) of Acharya only sri jayateertha can throw open the meanings filled by aacharya in his brahmasootra bhaashya..Those who find difficulty in reading tattva prakaashikaaa in sanskruta are blessed by god through your effort rendering the work in kannadalipi.I am closely following each and every effort you are making to see that madhvashaastra reaches the people who are eager to learn.may madhvaantaryaami vedavya.shower his abundant blessings on you.
    kustagi raghavendracharya

  4. Sujit says:

    Dear do something for non Kannada speaking unfortunates like me. I miss so much,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!

  5. Hayareevasimha says:

    Please tell me address or contact name & number to mail.

  6. Hayareevasimha says:

    It is very good work of Madhvas Society.
    Thanks full to all of efforts.

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