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Brahma Sutra of Bhagawan Vedavyasa


BrahmaSutra of Bhagavan Vedavyasa is published in kannada PDF format

Brahmasutra of Bhagavan Vedavyasa is the Beacon Light under which the essence of all Scriptures are to be ultimately interpreted. Under its command, all the Shastras, Vedas, Puranas depict the correct meaning.

Without Brahmasutra, Jignasu will be lost in the vast expanse and wilderness of Myriad Scripts.

To summarise, it is the essence extracted by Bhagavan Vedavyasa himself from myriad of his works.

Its Chanting gives immense punya to the person reciting it.

To facilitate such recitation, these Sutras are published in Kannada PDF format. Just click the below link to view the same:

BrahmaSutra of Bhagavan Vedvyasa




  1. Venkatesh says:


    Sri Vadiraja Guru Saarvabhoumaru rachisida Mahabharata Lakshaalankaaraa stotrada sampurna pdf upload maadi yendu kelikolluttene…


  2. Niakanth S Chitnis says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is it possibe to get the actual meaning ( Arth ) in PDF format in Kannada for all the works of Sri Madhwacharaya?

  3. akhilesh says:

    pl if you can provide vedas chanted according to madhwa sampradaya i will be grateful thank you.

  4. pictures in krishnas kingdom area a feast to the eyes. Had never seen such good pictures

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