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Rig Bhashya

Rig Bhashya of Acharya Madhwa is published in Kannada PDF Format

In this work Acharya has interpreted the first forty Suktas of the Rig Veda. He has shown, quite elaborately, elucidating the whole Vedic Suktas from a spiritual perspective. This is in the manner of a Mariner’s Compass. He intends us to interpret the whole Veda in the same way.

There is no colophon at the end of the book. This leads us to a question : Has Acharya written commentaries also on the remaining Suktas, as they are not available to us or did he leave it unfinished, as it stands now .

Acharya has not forgotten to end even his very small works with a colophon . How is it that the Colophon is missing in this very significant work ? Therefore the possibility that he has commented also on the next mantras of the Rig-Veda cannot be altogether dismissed. As only this much of the work has been existing since the days of Sri Jayatirtha, there is not much of hope about discovering the remaining parts. Though Acharya might have written them, they should now be taken as irretrievably lost.

The little that remains of this commentary, however, is of no mean significance. It is the first ever commentary on the Veda written by a religious prophet. This is also the very first commentary on the Veda which gives it a spiritual meaning. Written in a poetic form in consonance with the Vedic metrical form, it abounds in phraseology and idioms of ancient sanskrit and follows the ancient rhythmic pattern. For the students of the Veda the commentary reveals an entirely new world.

To have a look at Acharya’s Expertise on Veda, a look at this work is essential. Then click the link below and taste his mastery :

Rug Bhashyam-09082013

You may also visit the below link for english description


  1. Arvind G Mudgal says:

    I would like to know book on rigveda samhita patha in Kannada

  2. Akhilesh says:

    pl. provide rigveda samhitha patha in kannada pdf

  3. PRAVEEN M V says:

    I got the Sanskrit version of the entire Sarva Moola Grantha except Rig Bhashya. Can you please update on this?


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