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Sri Sripadaraja Pancharatna Maala


Sri Sripadaraja Pancharatna Mala is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF downloadable format

The name of this Great Saint itself signifies his unparalelled contribution to Madhwa Fraternity. What more can we expect from such a great saint who has gifted Sri Vyasaraja. Sri Vyasaraja gifted other giants like Sri Vadiraja and Sri Vijayendra, who in turn gifted Sri Sudhindra Theertha. This great Sudhindra theetha then gifted unparalled Sri Raghavendra.

Collectively this groups contribution for Madhwa Philosophy is unfathomable.

In addition, Sri Sripadaraja revived and became a founding father of dasa-sahitya. With him groomed, Sri Purandara dasa who then became beacon of inspiration to all dasa sahitya contributors.

Sri Vadiraja in his stotra has confirmed Sripadaraja as an incaranation of Dhruva the great Bhagavadhbhakta.

Will it not be our duty to praise this great Guru.

Click the link to scan and chant the great Stotras.



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