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Sri Madhwavijaya – with English translation

Sri Madhwa Vijaya – (with English translation by Prof. V. Nadgouda) is published in PDF downloadable format:

Excellences of Sumadhwa Vijaya

Sumadhwa Vijaya is a reliable biography, great epic poetry, profound philosophy and a faithful memoir of the times all rolled in one. It is an artistic and poetic portrayal of the life and accomplishments of a renowned philosopher-saint who rendered yeoman service to mankind. It is an out-standing epic-poem in Sanskrit with its inherent beauties set in a mythical setting for the fulfilment of divine purpose made acceptable by its fine fusion of the human and the super-human. It is an enviable poetic expression of Vaishnava Siddhanta in a capsulated form as propounded and propagated by Anandatirtha. It is a vivid presentation of the ethos of the age that was ripe to invoke a divine descent on earth. Narayana Panditacharya with his historic vision and religious fervour, philosophic depth and poetic beauty forged this epic into an exquisite work of art:

‘श्रीमध्वो विजयी च मद्वविजयो नारायणप्रोब्धवः!’

(Really both Mukhyaprana (Madhwacharya – his incarnation) borne of the Supreme Lord Narayana and Sumadhwa-Vijaya the off-spring of Narayana Panditacharya are memorable triumphs, the one in propounding and propagating the unrivalled doctrine (Tatwa Vada) and the other in artistically documenting the eminence of Madhwacharya and his great works.)

To the Madhwas in particular Sumadhwa-Vijaya that hymns the glories of the Olympian founder and exponent is as sacred as the Mangala-Sutra (Auspicious Amulet) to women-folk and they daily recite it in entirety or in part to sanctify their lives and attain their cherished objectives. They firmly believe that even the disciples of the disciples of Acharya Madhwa can fulfil their desires:

‘तद्दासदास्यमपि किं न ददाति पुंसः’

Let us be fortunate enough to peruse the same by clicking the below link:


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  1. Good translation. IO want download it.

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