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Sri Madwavijaya-Moola in Sanskrit-Kannada Meaning/English Meaning

Sri Madhwavijaya is the most sacred work which every Madhwa student should read compulsorily. Its chanting by-heart itself yields the benefits, the magnitude of which is known only to the people who are experienced by it.

However, understanding and contemplating the meaning of each and every verse, while chanting it, makes the pursuit all the more thrilling.

Our great Guru  Sri Bannanja Govindacharya always says:

” Knowing what one is doing” makes the endeavour, all the more purposeful and fruitful”.

Many books are available across the stores, which details the meaning.  But, not everyone has the liberty to carry those books, all the times to all the places. Even a 10 minutes of leisurely time could be used for great benefits if we can have a glance at this great work. This is possible only if we can access to this work at any time, at any place.   Therefore, I have made an attempt to make the work available in softcopy medium, which could be stored on any mobile / laptop etc. and could be glanced at even small leisurely time.

The file contains, Sanskrit moola of Sri Madhwavijaya along with the meaning in kannada (done by Sri Bannanje Govidacharya – Sri Madhwavijaya) along with the English meaning (“The Mighty Messiah – Sumadhwa Vijaya” a study by Prof. G V Nadgouda – published by Anandtirtha Pratisthana, Poornaprajna Vidhyapeetha, Bangalore.)

We render our hearty gratitude to the above authors, for their invaluable services in bringing wisdom to Madhwa fraternity.

Errors if any, if informed would be corrected to refine the work.

Want to have a soft copy of the same. They download by clicking the following link:




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