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Vadavali of Sri Jayatirtha

Vadavali of Sri Jayatirtha is published in Kannada and Sankrit PDF Downloadable format.

Vadavali is a Criticism of the Advaita Doctrine – “World is Illusory”. It can be viewed as “Mithyatva Khandana”

Srimad Jayatirtha -Teekacharya, vociferous exponent of Dwaita Philosophy and the commentator par excellence has demonstrated to the world the validations of Acharya Madhwa’s doctrines and amplifies the fallacies in Advaitin’s doctrine i.e. ” World is Illusory”

Sri Jayatirtha, has again demonstrated his ingeneous skills in persuing the dictum of Acharya Madhwa ” विष्णुसर्वोत्तमत्त्वं च सर्वदा प्रतिपादय” .

In this short, swift and fluent work, concepts explode with punch of elegance. Words are crisp, sharp and comes with crystal clear conviction.

All it needs, is, unbiased, impartial, unprejudiced and open-minded approach in understanding his logic. This masterpiece then heralds itself in tune with Acharya Madhwa’s heart

Have a look at it. Just click the link below and enjoy


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