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Pratah Sankalpa Gadya – Sarva Samarpana Gadya

Traditionally in Hindu religion before performing any work we undertake sankalpa, which is a kind of declaration to ourselves and to the God within us. The Vedas says that the whole Universe is evolved through a Sankalpa of Lord SriManNarayana. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning a resolution, free will or determination. The word sankalpa itself means good intention, an oath or a resolution to do something, a solemn pledge to do something good. In Sanskrit ‘San’ means good and ‘Kalpa’ means a Shastra, or a Veda. Sankalpa means proposing to do something good in a Vedic or a Shastric way. In any religious ceremony/ritual generally we observe a person takes a sankalpa (a firm resolve) to achieve the purpose of the ceremony. Sankalpa literally means taking a firm decision to accomplish one particular thing, in spite of facing troubles in its achievement. Sankalpa cannot come all of a sudden. It is conception of a deep routed strong desire formed in the inner heart of hearts that gets manifested. All Yagnas and worships are accomplished after taking a vow for its performance.

Sankalpa is nothing but the expression of the feeling which the Saadhaka (doer) has for the accomplishment of a Sadhana (task). By making a pledge a person becomes committed towards the accomplishment of his goal. Taking an oath means becoming committed to something. In Hindu culture it is believed that when a person speaks something after taking an oath it becomes true. Mere sankalpa alone is not sufficient to accomplish the deeds. Besides sankalpa one should have strong dedication, determination (will power), discipline, accompanied by sincere hard work and persuasion.

Sankalpa acts as a foundation in accomplishing the task or reaching the goal. When Divinity is added to the sankalpa it gains strength and gets proper direction.

We have many mythological and historical examples of the power of sankalpa. Achievement of Lord Hanuman is the best example. Otherexamples are that of Bhakta Prahlada, Bhakta Dhruva,Bhakta Markandeya,Bhageeratha, Sathi Savithri etc.

How Hanuman became a Great Performer. Blessed by Lord Narayana, and under his command, Hanuman has become the Legend and controller of the universe. He shows directions, paves the way, propels the Soul in the path of advancement. Sri Raghavendra theertha, has given a vivid depiction of Lord Hanuman and his other incarnations of Bheema and Madhwa. The might of Narayana and prowess and genious intellect of Bhakta Hanuman are depicted lucidly, in no uncertain terms.

Raghavendra Guru Sarvabhowma in this informative Treatise “ Pratah Sankalpa Gadya” beacons the way as to how, we should expressly resolve, more aptly in the morning, before we commit, embark and proceed on any actions. In doing so, he has also laid out the basic tenets of Madhwa Philosophy.

In “Sarva Samarpana Gadya”, he shows us, how to surrender oneself and ones’ accomplishments to the Almighty with deep gratitude, with the only purpose of getting His grace, by cautioning us not to be stung by the vices of our worldly desires.

Both these twin treatises, glow to become one more Vayustuthi.

Meaning of “Pratah Sankalpa Gadya” in Padya form written by V Badarayanacharya (to facilitate by-hearting and understanding) is also appended for users benefit.

Click the below link to have a look and enjoy!!!


Sanskrit version is here



  1. Raaghava K.N says:

    May Shree Raghavendra gurusaarva bowma and bagavaan shree Krishna paramaathma bless u a lot

  2. S. RAGUNATH says:

    Respected Sir, there are some omissions in the first paragraph. of Sanskrit version. pl note and correct it sir.

  3. Rajesh says:

    Respected Sir: Please share the Sanskrit pdf also

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