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Pramana Lakshana Teeka of Srimad Jayatheertha-Teekakrutpaadaru is published in Kannada and Sanskrit PDF downloadable format

In “Pramana Lakshana”, Acharya Madhwa, gives a detailed Analysis of what a Proof is, its nature and its classification.

Acharya clearly indicates that Vyasa’s Brahmatarka is the source from which he has gisted out all its relevant aspects.

Again, this brings out Acharya Madhwa’s overall command, of entire gamut of Vedavyasa’s works. Only with such all pervasive grip over Vyasa’s Works, he could have authored this great work.

Pramana Lakshana Teeka authored by much revered Srimad Jayatheertharu is also called as “Nyayakalpalatha”.

This contains a detailed commentary on the most important elements which forms the foundation stones for interpreting various Pramaanaas. Sri Teekarayaru had presented the most structured and lucid explanations of PramaNas, their lakshanaas, linga vishesha, upapatti doshaas, nigraha sthaanaas, parOkSha pramaana niraakaraNe.etc.

Before venturing into studies of Sarvamoola and Veda shaastra, study of this work gives much needed skill and analytical ability.

Can we have a look at this great work now ? Please the link below and enjoy




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