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Narayana Shabdartha Nirvachanam


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Narayana Shabdartha Nirvachanam by Sri Vijayeendraru is published in Kannada PDF Downloadable format. It also contains small gist in English too.

All time great Sri Ajaya Vijayeendraru has numerous scintillating works to his credit. This one small work and a sample exhibiting his expertise and command over the interpretation of Shastra, To summarise, it  is breathtaking expertise in bringing out the explosive meaning of the magical word NARAYANA.

Under the guidance and inspiration of Sri Ranganath Gangoor, I could complete this work, in Adhika Masa.

Any errors/mistakes found could be brought to the notice of publisher. Publisher would be extremely grateful, in updating the same. This work is solely intended to help the youths/entrants who like to have a gist and glimpse of such great works. Any suggestions by Vidwans and Pandits, would be incorporated wholeheartedly.

It is just a seva of  Mighty Personality Sri Ajeya Vijayeendraru.

Click the below link to Download/read:



  1. Raghavendra Katti says:

    Respected Sir,

    I await to hear about Shodashi and Chaturdashi by Aranyakacharya.

    Yours truly, Raghavendrachar Katti Davangere-577 002

    • srimadhvyasa says:

      It is typed and kept ready. But it yet to be edited as I am unable to find help for it. I would be glad, if you can help me in editing the same. If required I will send you the PDF file. Please mark the pdf portion whwere corrections are required and send it back.

      Would be grateful for your help


  2. I think this type of happening is only possible when the devotee has full blessings from the Almighty.

  3. SANJEEV KUMAR G.N. says:

    Just few days before I was studying a book, the first word in this book is Narayana. I was thinking about how to find out the meaning of this word. Today I amazed and feel very very happy to see this pdf file. I dont know how to express my happiness in English words…



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